la dualité. round pillow.


la dualité. pillow. 1/3
in somnia âme. series 2018

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la dualité. pillow. 1/3
Ø 41 cm flat
Ø 35,6 cm filled

100% brushed polyester.
heavy cotton-blend-type texture / fabric soft to touch
machine washable, able to retain colour and resist shrinkage

about the in somnia âme series.
in somnia nights & fragile pipe dreams, what you see in the mirror is not yourself it’s an empty jar, you fill it with imagination until you become someone else for no one. they infiltrate you to change. looped switches of your shell & no shelter. the wood might fall, lovers dissolve, feathered shadows pass by your opened window trying to warn you.  who is the unhunted now? bittersweet beings are feeding your soul with material. fear let you swallow that until you hit the ground. you’re an infinite falling deer, hunted by a sweet imagination.

– don’t send a rabbit to kill my dear. –

all works out of this series are limited in an edition of 3.

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Dimensions 37 × 37 × 20 cm