adapter. 1/1
anodisé & cachette. series 2020

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adapter. 1/1
framed in an antique frame.
print 9x14cm
fine-art inkjet print on vat paper
(hahnemühle/albrecht dürer 210gsm)

about the anodisé & cachette series.
constant fall and falling, trapped inbetween. in my minds laboratory i eagered to reach the darkest niche, in my minds laboratory i anodized my soul. there is always an opaque in the superlative of an infinite darkness. i gave you a plain canvas with a transparent imagination – you painted hundret coats of ral 9005 until i drown in a patina of projection & illusion. this is my mind – it is the laboratory of thoughts i created. my state of matter got impervious metall. everything seems obscure. an inner child screams and hits my grown up shell with naive hope. this time my child is armed – i just can not leave this canvas of dreams. my light is about truth, a home & illumination for this child within. seasons passed and scarfs dimmed the light. i tried to enlighten many times. this is the last stick it will not match. this is the last match and it won’t stick. my truth is locked behind vitreous walls protecting against this superficial wave of humankind. this is not my kind. and i don’t mind any more. you bought fragile flowers for my soul that day. i gave them water in a heavy vase and now i watch them fade away. this is anodisé. on and on and on and. i will never fit into your frames.

– there is still light in my minds laboratory. –

all works out of this series are limited in an edition of 1.

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