l’entropie. 1/3
murine & corvus. series 2021

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l’entropie. 1/3
framed in an antique frame.
print 42x54cm
fine-art inkjet print on vat paper
(hahnemühle/albrecht dürer 210gsm

this work is part of my 2021 collage series murine & corvus.

about the murine & corvus series.
arcane arcades beneath reality on the other side of a vitreous yet reflecting wall this entropic bond is infinite, even if us ended somewhere in-between a fatigued suprematism of our fears & hopes. contigued & against we damped down the last spark until every corvus & murine lost skin & plumes. my heavy coat is fragile, and in this obscure velvet velum i carry a sea of my ancestors vulnerable souls. your light tongue is toxic, tainted with bitterness and the genius insanity of a feathery subtle boy who drowns in the desiccation of its grown up emotions. and if there is unloveable i am able and you are love fused to stone. in the silence & hush of now i scratch of your words & burry them in this sublime subliminal room of memento. outspoken you rose to speak this thruthless camouflage of feelings, awake i stole your thornily throne and your army of emmets and now i am obsessed by the demons of your spell. in my minds alchemy i trust and i pledged the souls within i will fix the feathers of agape & stitch the fur of ludus and carry it in my minuscule hearts pocket until i am able to set them free in the sheen of night. i guard this key of my detained truth and with a trail of tears i grow a garden of night shaded flowers nurtured by golden age dreams when murine & corvus draw near. there is no real sovereign in this surreal realm of ours. ♥︎

– no real sovereign in this surreal realm of ours –

all works out of this series are limited in an edition of 3.

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