nibulous. 1/1
pavot & poppy. series 2021

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nibulous. 1/1
framed in an antique frame.
print 18x24cm
fine-art inkjet print on vat paper
(hahnemühle/albrecht dürer 210gsm)

this work is part of my 2021 collage series pavot & poppy. a nibulous line of notion. a new interpretation of paul celans words ‘wir lieben einander wie mohn und gedächtnis’ i was happy to join the open call ‘corona bedingt’ initiated by the international academy of arts vienna on the occasion of the 100st day of death of paul celan.

about the pavot & poppy series.
vague daydream fragments – lost in a spiral of thoughts and nibulous mementos. pavot & poppy gives attention to manipulative love, projections and self-loss. transient and elusive like entangled greydogs the poppy manifests on my mind. grey poppy & dark grey presentiment. headless, sleepwalking until the loss of face i endow you flowers. the intangible vis-à-vis –  faith transfers to a magnetic ocean of fear & tears – and what has not been stitched will collapse the now. osseous & lithic you entered that obscure room, serenity fades and you are trapped in a retrospective sea of fog. inbetween kitsch & melancholia. who am i if the reflection won’t reveal the golden filament. how to love if we drown in this bath of anticipation & ideals together. ♥︎

– a nibulous line of notion –

all works out of this series are limited in an edition of 1.

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